Friday, January 20, 2012


This issue of ECO contains some of the finest work we have ever published. Our editorial staff spent days sequestered away in a Motel 6. Hours and hours of arguing raged like the Poetry Battle of Gettysburg. In the end only 12 poems were left standing.

Esteban Colón took a short leave of absence after Thanksgiving to de-stress from this ordeal.

The task then fell to Matt and me to produce an issue that looked as artistically cool as its content. We thought about being all fancy and shiny and bright and new. We thought about making the book sing when you opened the cover. We spent hours talking about fonts and layouts. At one point, Matt tried to kill me with a printer.

Some of this may be true. Honestly speaking, we felt a need to get back to our roots on this issue. To remind ourselves that among the goofy and weird that we project, we really try to be artists. I hesitate to use that word. What I will say is that we like this thing we’ve made, and we hope you do too.

David Buddha 309 Hargarten
Managing Editor, ECO

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