Monday, September 28, 2009


I've never eaten at Poggio Trattoria, nor have I actually been to Sausalito. I hear good things, but what draws me into this brief collaboration with Poggio is the menu. Not the food, nor the artistry of the preparations or even the creativity of the kitchen. Just the simple, understated beauty of the words. They speak for themselves, so here they are. I promise every word belongs to Poggio; I added nothing.

Chicken liver
roasted cauliflower white bean puree
grilled scallops
basil butter
sweet corn peppercress

hand pulled mozzarella
aceto balsamico
bing cherries arugula

prosciutto di parma
oak grilled monterey bay sardines
manila clams
calabrese sausage chickpeas

baked goat cheese
pinenut rosemary flatbread
thinly sliced beef
parmigiano sea salt lemon

butter beans summer squash
sweet corn
and basil pesto

marinated beets
haricot verts balsamico
ricotta salata
hazelnuts sliced fuji apples

yellow romano beans summer squash
cucumbers tomatoes
raw sweet
white corn cherry tomatoes
shaved parmigiano

pecorino toscano

spinach ricotta pillows
with beef ragu combed potato gnocchi
green beans
roasted chanterelle mushrooms

white wine manila clams
rock shrimp
sweet white corn
cherry tomatoes and basil

green and yellow wax beans
summer squash
sweet peppers tomato polenta

spit-roasted pork belly
braised greens apricots
red wine
hearts of celery
braised in a savory tomato sauce
potato puree

roasted whole snapper
with lemon
and savoy spinach
rosemary and garlic potatoes
sea salt

roasted chanterelle mushrooms
sweet onions
caramelized onion rosemary gorgonzola
black mission figs

add prosciutto di parma
and arugula
shaved parmigiano
potato puree with sicilian olive oil
savoy spinach
with lemon

fatta in casa.

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