Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Title: Soul Brother
Author: Matt Barton
Publisher: Naked Mannekin
Format: 7.5 x 5" Chapbook, 20 Pages
List Price: $8.00

The question is: Does Matt Barton get inside of other peoples' heads or do other people get inside of Matt Barton's head? Either way, meeting Soul Brother is like being stuck in an elevator with a talkative escapee from Reality Sanitarium. It's real . . . maybe not your real, but real. It's also intense. And claustrophobic. And a bit uncomfortable. Soul Brother lives and breathes and shares more about his life than you expect. Don't miss Soul Brother.

Inside the mind of Matt Barton is a doorway to skewed universal perspectives. Nothing illustrates this better than “Soul Brother.” Peppered with references to the 1970’s, it is an absolute tribute to what it was like to be a kid during a lost decade. A time when simple things still had complications and heroes were hard to find.

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