Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Title: Rock 'n Roll Dreams
Author: Robert Lawrence
Publisher: Naked Mannekin
Format: 7.5 x 5" Chapbook
ISBN: 978-1-60725-954-1
List Price: $8.00

Remember those old t.v. shows where aliens from Zong travel by mego-turbo-hyper-sub-sonic phenollian waves to Earth and infiltrate our society by posing as humans and they're so good at it no one knows what's up and just before they take over and turn us all into okra or guano or something equally disgusting a little kid who was wise to them all along defeats them by burping potato chip breath on them and they dissolve into dissipating waves of technicolor yawns? If you do, you'll dig Bob Lawrence's take on modern American life even though it's poetry not science fiction. And if you don't, it's about time you ended your sad cultural deprivation and read Rock ‘n Roll Dreams to see what in the name of all that's bitchin' I'm so stoked about. This is inescapable stuff. BTW: He is a man with 3 first names, you know, Robert Alan Lawrence. Like James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald. There are no coincidences.


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