Sunday, October 4, 2009


I took my scissors with me to the Mercury Cafe on Friday night and we corpsed my poem Canto per Poggio. This is what happens when Chicago poets get their hands on sun-made California produce. Thanks to all the poets who contributed their voices to this project. This is an oleo of all the contributions I collected, so it would be virtually impossible to give credit to every poet represented here. But if anyone wants to take credit for their lines, please feel free.

In tosca I loaf
spin that ricotta pill
with me

green parsley
in the chant room
totally roasted

bing baby bing!

roast your
sweet onion skin tongue
cherry baby arugula lips

white man clam
tooooooooooooooo sweet

no white corn,
cherry to toes baby!
cherry to toes.

. . .

A nectarine sea
lemon sun setting
Raw white
cherry tomatoes
shave their sweet parmigiano

white bean doesn’t approve
she is such a prude.

. . .

I did not plant
green and yellow wax beans but
my green romanos greet me every morning
in august
heads rolling like summer squash.
. . .
The man clams
Josephine Lipuma
with a side
of chick sausage

prosecuted by karma

butter my beans in the summer
squash me
sweet and corny
spit on my belly

puree me, potato
me like an olive
planted in my navel.

You braised my greens
with your
red celery heart

you were raw and sweet
but you left me
your parmigiano

you left me shaved
raw and bitter.

Guess what
--chicken butt

Cauliflower roasted

Guess whither
--chicken liver

Eggplant turns purple.
. . .
Rosemary and garlic
lean in close
for their next first kiss

honey dripping
gorgonzola oozing in the back
sliced fuji apples jealous
of the pears

lead them on
with lemon
wanta wanta wanta want a fanta

what do you we with arugula?

that caramelized rose
just like mother used to make
panceta jiggered

. . .

Rosemary escapes with Ricotta
to the
Savoy to see

Haricot Verts Balsamico
and the
Tijuana Brass.

Arugula sounds like honking.

. . .


Potato Puree roasted
a whole snapper
and braised the right cheek
of a savory tomato sauce

with his fist!!!

The DA will be prosecuting di Parma
says Mayor Daley
and shaving
Parmigiano Arugula
because we have respect
for the law in this city.

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